Acne is a form of dermatosis characterised by several stages of inflammation that involves the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland. Acneic hyperkeratosis can be observed with acne, a phenomenon that represents the skin’s response to the irritation caused by the sebum, the composition of which is altered by the bacteria found in the follicle.

Causes of acne

The hormones are among the principal causes of acne: during puberty there is an increase in hormone production and this is precisely the reason why acne often occurs during this growth phase. Other causes of the onset of acne include the presence of bacteria, clogged skin pores and excessive sebum. Other factors, such as stress, menstruation, drugs containing corticosteroids and some foods may also make acne worse.

Treatment of acne

It is always good practice to cleanse the skin in depth but gently so as not to irritate or make it too dry; in this way it will be possible to remove the excess sebum, impurities, smog and makeup while respecting the skin.
Acne treatment depends on the type of lesions and their severity. The solution for mild or moderate cases is based on topical treatments: specific gels, creams and cleansing soaps are available in the pharmacy for treating acne.

For daily cleansing and the treatment of acne, it is important to choose the right kind of products for your skin.