Stoves, ovens, boiling surfaces and saucepans: who hasn’t been burned while cooking dinner?
Whenever our skin comes in contact with excessive heat or a corrosive substance like acid, it burns. The skin loses its moisture and turns red.
This also happens if we burn ourselves with a hot iron or under the hot summer sun.

Domestic burns

Small burns appear as red patches on the skin and blisters filled with a transparent liquid. They can be very painful because the skin irritated by the heat becomes extremely sensitive and even contact with clothing can create discomfort.
For domestic burns it is always a good idea to keep a specific cream on hand that gives relief to the burnt skin. Good burn creams create a protective film that reduces the pain and helps the physiological healing process of the skin.


While enjoying the summer sun on a beautiful day at the beach we must always remember that it is a good idea to avoid the hottest hours. Protect your skin from the sun by using the right sunscreen for your type of skin.

If you have had too much sun and your skin is red and sunburnt you should use a specific cream that gives relief from the first application. Sun irritation, erythema and red skin can be treated with the right cream that relieves the pain and encourages the skin’s normal healing process.

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