What are fissures?

Fissures are ulcerations of the epithelial tissues, that is, lesions of the skin and the mucous membranes.
Fissures may occur on various parts of the body, such as hands, feet, the breasts of nursing mothers, and also in the anal and perianal area. They tend to be very annoying and at times also painful and recurrent, meaning that the occur frequently. It is precisely for this reason that fissures must be treated with great care and should not be considered simply as cuts or lesions.

Fissures on hands and feet

Fissures on hands and feet are mainly caused by:

- adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, or dehydration
alterations to the normal hydrolipidic film of our skin; these alterations may be due to the use of harsh cleansing agents or chemical substances, mechanical stress, and injuries from rubbing

If you discover you have small cuts with bleeding on your knuckles or interdigital spaces (between fingers), on your fingertips, or the areas around your nails, then these are fissures. This phenomenon is often accompanied by red hands.

In the case of your feet, fissures are mainly caused by your feet rubbing against the insides of your shoes. This irritates the skin and small lesions may occur on your toes and heels.

Diabetes is also a contributing factor to the risk of the formation of sores, fissures and cracks on your feet.
Fissures on your hands and feet must always be treated correctly otherwise they may become very painful.

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