Itching is very annoying and can happen for various reasons.
When your skin is irritated, dehydrated or red, there may be the onset of itching.

These are the most common causes of itching:

- eczema
dry skin
insect bites
exanthematous diseases (such as rubella, measles, chicken pox, and urticaria)

In all pharmacies it is easy to find a wide range of specific products that relieve the annoying itching sensation right from the first application.

Choose lotions if you have to treat an extensive body area such as your legs, back or arms.
Or if you have to treat itching from insect bites, for example, you can choose small, more lightweight tubes of cream.

Some of the important ingredients contained in a cream for soothing itching include Vitamin E that is nourishing, vegetable oils that have an emollient and moisturising action and Calmilene® which is an active ingredient with soothing, anti-itch and anti-redness properties.

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