Rubbing is an annoying condition that can affect not only the inner thigh as we would normally believe, but also the feet, hands, and stomach.

You may have a slight skin irritation when it is hot and if you sweat the skin rubs and turns red.
Just think of when you wear shoes that are too tight or shoes without socks and blisters form on your feet.

These are a few of the situations in which rubbing reddens and weakens the skin. Blisters and abrasions are the defence mechanism the skin uses as a protection.

Rubbing can affect people who are overweight, those forced to stay in bed for long periods, and also those who play sport.

People who go running, for example, know how annoying the sportsman’s nipple can be. Clothing that rubs against the chest during training and causes lesions is something that can easily be prevented.

Tennis players who have their palms ruined due to rubbing against the racket can also easily avoid this problem.

Dermovitamina anti-rubbing gel creates a protective barrier that prevents irritation from rubbing, reduces any friction, and allows the skin to breathe naturally.