Sensitive skin

Not all skins are the same, and if you have sensitive skin you should take care of it and use specific products.
Sensitive skin is more reactive to stimuli than normal skin. Cold weather, water and even the use of harsh soap are likely to redden and irritate the skin causing discomfort and itching.

It is precisely for this reason that we recommend you:

- protect your skin from the cold
avoid using harsh soaps
take care with chemical products
use gentle and specific products for your skin

Just think, for example, of chafed skin: due to mechanical rubbing actions, your feet and inner thighs can turn red and cause real irritation. Jogging and cycling enthusiasts are well aware of how irritations caused by rubbing can be annoying and in some cases, also painful. It may happen in fact, that many marathon runners and joggers suffer from “runner’s nipple”: upon contact with clothing and sweat while running, male nipples become irritated and may even be injured, forcing athletes to stop training.
Also a red nose from the cold weather, wind or a cold can become sensitive and cause discomfort.

Those with naturally delicate skin, like children, should use gentle oils that cleanse while respecting the skin’s sensitivity.
If your skin is irritated due to an allergy, dermatitis, or use of chemical substances, or if your baby has nappy rash, use specific creams that are able to effectively treat the numerous forms of skin irritation right from the first application.

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